Walking Trails

Bison Creek is fortunate to be nestled within a natural amphitheater of hillsides of pines and aspens. It also sits on over 100 acres of minimally developed land, thus lending it’s preservation to be enjoyed by our guests. Over the generations our family members have walked, snowshoed, cross country skied, 4 wheeled, mountain biked, and rode horses all through this land. It is filled with all kinds of history, contributes to an amazing local ecosystem providing homes to wildlife of all shapes and sizes. Mosses, lichen, wildflowers, show off their colors especially in the spring. Bobcats, moose, bear and coyote visit the woods of Bison Creek and tracks or sightings can often be found while out exploring. Take note of the different birds singing their tunes or listen to the creek’s babble. Take some time, walk around, look at stuff out here. Please respect it and leave it as you found it. Many of the places, like I’ve mentioned, we’ve traveled to often throughout out our lives, these places are part of our home. Below are a couple of maps that might help start off your next adventure.