The Blackfeet Nation

Bison Creek Ranch is located on the western border of the Blackfeet Nation.  This culturally enriched area of Montana is home to a tribe both proud and beautiful, the Blackfeet.  The town of Browning, just 15 miles north of Bison Creek, is considered the ‘hub’ of the nation.  In Browning, cultural existence and evolution are evident at every turn.  The Plains Museum, a brick building right as you enter the town is a great place to start to learn a bit about how life once was.  The Heritage Center, just next door, is another great place to learn about heritage of the land.  Just to the west you can stay in a tipi villiage and visit an art gallery dedicated to the works of local native artists.  During the early parts of July you can come and be a part of the North American Indian Days (NAID).  Here you will enjoy the opportunity to be a part of a traditional gathering and hear native music, watch the dancing, find locally made goods, enjoy some food from numerous food vendors, and become part of the culture that surrounds you.  Between East Glacier and Browning you can set your eyes upon the tribe’s bison herd.  The Blackfeet Trail is a drive through the Nation’s boundaries with informational signs describing locations and important happenings nearby.  Heart Butte Society Celebration Days is in the beginning of August and provides a quaint yet magical version of the celebration in Browning.  For those who like to try their luck, Glacier Peaks Casino is your stop.  Vegas style gambling with all the bells and whistles of Sin City.  Browning also offers two alternate routes to the Going to the Sun Road and other portion of Glacier National Park.  Past the Tipi Village and Art Gallery, the road travels to Highway 49 and connects at Kiowa, an old abandoned fun town, continues on past Red Blanket Hill and into St. Mary.  Alternately, you could travel north of Browning past Duck Lake to Babb, Many Glacier, and eventually up to Canada if you’d like.  During your trip to Montana’s Blackfeet Nation, please be sure to explore the historical importance of its native people as well as the beauty of this great land where the mountains meet the plains and spirit and tradition reside.


Buffalo Range – Blackfeet Nation


Blackfeet Flag – Blackfeet Nation


NAID – North American Indian Days


Niitsitapi – Blackfeet


Dancers – NAID


Drummers – NAID


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