The People’s Market – tsiikaa’’tīyiikiitsii’p

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In the Blackfeet or Pikuni language, often referred to as ‘real speak’, this means, “I feel it, that what you have done”

We ask when you visit to take into consideration these words as they speak to our relationships with those and that which are truly important.

For the third season the family at Bison Creek will partner up with the greatest group of talented individuals and local community organizations to bring to our community and visitors The People’s Market. We are planning a soft opening come the middle of June and our seasonal Grand opening is scheduled for the next weekend; during the already busy summer season starter – The Glacier Half Marathon. The People’s Market will operate Fridays and Saturdays during the summer season from 4-9pm with our final market weekend being Labor Day Weekend.

Last year’s attempt to offer a place for local musicians and guests to perform was a pleasant addition and we all enjoyed the talents from musicians who have played worldwide. We excited to say that we will be hosting music again this season with even more dates and performers than last year. Our Spotlight Guest list offers delightful sounds from folks like, Jack Gladstone, Joseph Running Crane, The High Wind Singers, The Sillyette’s, and Drew Landry. R&B, Funk and unique clips and Sounds from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and more, skillfully mixed by DJ Brand-One. Exciting new names to add to the list of guests like Terrance LaFromboise with traditional hand drum songs and story as well as Jesse DesRosier, local instructor, stunt man, and carrier of traditional stories and songs. The flyer above offers the season’s market dates and performers. We invite you to come and visit and enjoy in some great music and entertainment, eat some great food, pick up the Glacier Park Gifts you’ve been thinking about but couldn’t find. Immerse yourself into the culture and community that encourages trust, kindness and genuine being. Sit back and enjoy the one of kind view of Glacier National Park’s Southern Border….from the front row.

Our list of vendors and participants featuring local friends and family is growing. Food Trucks/food vendors, musicians, crafters, artists, social and non profit groups, Native American games, health and wellness, and local entities willing to share their wares, crafts, and remarkable talents with the world. We look forward to seeing you at The People’s Market.

For more information or to begin registering as a vendor, please email: